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My Online Healthy Grocery Store Pick

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

When clean eating meets convenience.

Where it all began.

It would be quite fitting that my first post is about groceries! Juggling eating healthy with costs has been a struggle for me for a long while. Many, many years ago (around 14 to be more precise) we became much more conscious of what we were eating. We decided that we would make a valiant effort to improve the food that we were consuming by cutting out the "non-food" ingredients. Simply put, we were on a mission to eat clean and organic food.

A welcome change!

It was quite a struggle during that time to find organic grocery items without driving a long distance away. We live in a pretty rural area, so the nearest grocery store that sold organic products at that time was over sixty miles away! Boy, have the times changed since then. The availability and costs have much improved, and even can get items shipped to your door. I've tried a variety of different options in order to bring clean and organic food items into our home. I even at one point became a drop coordinator for a wholesale company just to have the access to these grocery items. But I will say, hands down, the most welcome change to me has been the online clean eating and organic grocery stores.

Convenience + Savings

Let's go on and face it, as a busy mom you would likely rather do any other chore there is to do, than to make a trip to the grocery store. Fighting the crowds, while juggling the list, maybe even arguing with a kid or two how they don't really need that "shiny item" that's positioned perfectly eye-level for them to see, only to find that your perfectly crafted meal plan will have to be modified due to unavailable items. How much easier would it be to click a few buttons and have what you need magically dropped right at your door? For me as a working mom......way easier! And the best part, I SAVE MONEY! The beauty of clicking a few buttons only on items you need is that its much more difficult to be persuaded into buying what you see as well.

My favorite online grocery store!

There are a multitude of options out there now, but for me, my absolute favorite is Thrive Market. Why? Because of all of the options that I have tried personally, I prefer the selection and prices of Thrive. Plus, as of this writing, any order over $49 ships free! I've been able to get very specific items in this online grocery store that I could find NOWHERE else in times past. One of my favorite features of their website is the ability to search for products that are diet-specific. For example, if you eat gluten-free, all you do is set the filter to that type of diet. No checking every single item to see if it fits what you need, it's all right there!

Here's how it works: It is a membership site to keep the prices reasonable, so you will pay an annual (very reasonable) membership fee. Browse through all of their categories and add the items you need to the cart. I love that it isn't just groceries, but also household, health & beauty, even pet items! Once you've finished, head on over to checkout and you are done. Your items will be delivered right to your door. Another really cool feature is that your account will show you how much you are actually saving over time! They also routinely send coupons for FREE items right to your inbox. If you are looking for a more cost-effective and simple solution to feeding your family a healthier diet, I highly recommend you give them a try!

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