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Chemical-Free Household Products That Work!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Clean living product solutions for your home.

Learn From My Experience in Trial and Error of a Variety of Chemical-Free Products Until I Found "The One"

Okay, Okay, maybe I am a tiny bit biased. But the reason I believe so strongly in my Norwex products is because of the countless different ones that I have tried over the years. Granted, several other products were pretty good. But, I found myself more mixing and matching than anything else and still worrying a bit about how "true" that label was claiming to be (especially those that didn't smell very "non-chemical-y"). That is until I stumbled across Norwex. In full transparency, I'm almost a couple years in to using these products now and I believe in them so much that I willingly signed on to share my experience with others about their products as a consultant. As a very busy career mom, I really needed something that took the hassle out of the mundane chore of housework, but I even more so needed it to NOT bring toxic chemicals into my home.

The Introduction

So, here is my story. And, its an odd one so hang with me. I am a hospice nurse by trade. I've not met a nurse in my seventeen-plus-year career that hasn't had at least one patient that truly resonates with them throughout their careers. It was one of my "unforgettable" patients very early in my career that actually moved the needle for me on being conscious and fully awake to the level of toxins you allow in and around you. They were such a lovely elderly married couple with a storybook romance who were delivered the horrible news of the "C" word for the husband. His cancer was quite advanced when it was discovered and his prognosis was well under 6 months at that time. He became my patient FOUR years later! You read that right! Throughout the time that I had the absolute honor of caring for them, I learned so much about their completely chemical-free way of life from food to household and beyond. This lifestyle is what the wife attributed to giving her the ability to have an abundant amount of additional time with her husband than expected. I know of no scientific evidence to back that, though still to this day it is hard for me to argue her belief as I've not yet seen a scenario like it.

Since that time, in all my years of research - trying out a product - not being completely satisfied - joining up for the next big craze sure to solve all my problems - not being satisfied again - starting all over again, like a revolving hamster wheel....I was really surprised that I had never heard of the Norwex brand product lines. A friend of my sister was hosting a virtual party and asked if she would invite some of her friends to attend...queue my attendance. Given my history with various products, I was quite skeptical of course. The host was fabulous and demonstrated different products during the event. Call me lazy or just impatient, but what really sold me was that all you really need is water. Yes, plain old water. No more hunting around for the right cleaner that goes to a particular area.

What's the Big Deal?

Honestly, if I were to talk about all the "must-have, can't live without, never going back" products that I use, this post would be forever long. So, be sure to join my mailing list for blog updates as I will be doing a thorough review of each of those individually. For this post, I'll just stick to the overall experience I've had. I started out with one of the Safe Haven 5 Package thinking I would just give these few products a try, like I've done so many times before. What immediately stood out to me is the versatility. I didn't realize just how quick and easy it is to use 1 slightly damp cloth to clean the entire kitchen in comparison to "now where did I set my spray bottle again?" The dusting mitt was like I wasn't dusting at all, and I loved how it not only "attracted" the dust, but also fits on your hand so you can reach the much more difficult areas. Those are just a couple of things that stood out to me at first, but I was genuinely impressed with all the products I tried initially, and have since that time built a bit of an arsenal of various home, pet, and personal care items that I use regularly.

So Where's the Catch?

There's always at least one thing we could find if we just absolutely had to critique something. And I'm a fan of looking at all angles. What makes these products so incredibly unique is the very specific type of microfiber. A little microfiber 101, the more the microfiber is split - the finer the fiber and more absorbent it becomes. This is why all you need is water for these cleaning tools to work very successfully. Here's the catch: They must be washed separately or with lint-free loads. You also do not want to use bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets to ensure these additives do not coat the microfiber lessening it's effectiveness. This took me a minute to figure out a working system, but was as easy for me as having a separate bin that all of my Norwex cleaning tools go in.

Still on the Fence?

I don't blame you one bit! You have very likely had a similar experience to mine. If I were going to suggest one item for you just to try, it would without a doubt be what I refer to as the "one-stop-shop".....the EnviroCloth. This one little cloth is able to perform so many jobs for me, and I LOVE the ease of only adding water! I have no idea how much money I've saved on cleaners just by using this cloth, but I certainly wish I would've kept track of it.

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